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Technology of Crane Wheels

Jul 31, 2018

Technology of Crane Wheels:

step1:forging press:

Forging press more powerful This closed-die design provides excellent strength-to-weight ratios . We stock a wide variety of carbon and alloysteels to meet your needs.

step2:wheel bblank

To realize the rough machining of the outer and inner contour surface of wheel blank,and clean up the spare parts of the blank quickly.

step3:heat treating capabilities

Quenching and tempering is widely used as our heattreating capabilities.We are now able to provide virtually any heat treatment for carbon and alloy steels.

step4:hardness testing:

We provide hardness testing, materials testing, dimensional inspection, magnetic particle flaw detection, tolerance testing, poor acoustic detector.

step5:cutting depth:

Fine cars cutting depth should be small, but also asmall amount of take the knife after finishing is completed, and the surface roughness of Ra3.2.

step6:Gear Crane Wheels:

We use advanced coating materials, uniform coating techniques, complete spraying machine.