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The cause of crane hook hanging material

Sep 23, 2017

The unsafe state of the crane

The first is the design of non-standard to bring the risk, such as overload protection failure, balance wheel strength is not enough, no anti-decoupling device, spreader rigging selection unreasonable; followed by manufacturing defects and installation defects, such as improper selection, processing quality Good, so that with the hidden equipment into use. And a large number of problems exist in the use of links, for example, not timely replacement of scrap parts, the lack of necessary security protection, maintenance of ill disease running, resulting in movement out of control, parts or structural damage, from time to time safety performance testing. In short, the design, manufacture, installation, use and inspection of any part of the defects are likely to bring the serious consequences of hanging hooks fall. The nature of the crane (design, manufacture, installation) safety is to ensure the safety of lifting the basic conditions.

Unsafe behavior of man

Human behavior by the physical, psychological and comprehensive quality and other factors, the performance of unskilled operating skills, the lack of necessary safety education and training; non-driver operation, undocumented posts; violation of discipline and discipline, bad operating habits; Operational errors, the command signal is not clear, lifting the driver and the lifting of the co-ordination and human biological rhythm in the "three high zone" and so on. In short, poor safety awareness and low operational skills are the main cause of the accident.

envirnmental factor

Safety environment, such as high dust, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, high noise, windy days, poor lighting and other environments engaged in lifting operations, will distract attention directly affect the operational capacity of the staff , The stability of the technology to play, so that misuse, illegal operations increased opportunities, leading to accidents. In addition, the poor operating environment will also cause the crane system itself to reduce the function or even accelerate the failure of the Department (structure), as one of the insecurity.

Security management defects

Management, including the level of safety awareness of the leadership; the management of the crane, inspection and the implementation of periodic safety performance inspection; the safety of the relevant personnel education and training; lifting operations special training, crane safety regulations and violation of the establishment of the system And emergency contingency plans, the lifting equipment and lifting aids on the lack of regular monitoring and effective monitoring and management. Safety management of any negligence and not in place, is one of the important reasons for lifting casualties.


The cause of human beings and factors

To the equipment selection, safety protection measures, plant construction, lifting process, operating environment, regular inspection and so on, according to the national safety requirements of lifting machinery, the standard design, equipment purchase, installation, Two aspects to start, the use of units should be developed crane operation, maintenance and management of safety rules and regulations and operating procedures. At the same time, it should be soberly aware that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on the safety management of special equipment, in the use of cranes (including hangers) safety performance of the regular inspection and testing is to ensure safe operation with lifting equipment, Elimination of Metallurgical Crane Crane Crane Crane Fall Injury Accident occurred in one of the necessary guarantee conditions.