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The classification of crane hook

Sep 23, 2017

CraneHook, the English name lifting hook, is the most common crane a spreader. The hooks are often suspended from the rope of the hoisting mechanism by means of components such as pulley blocks

Crane hooks are divided into single hooks and double hooks by shape. They are divided into forged hooks and laminated hooks by manufacturing method.

Single hook manufacturing is simple, easy to use, but the force is not good, mostly used in the weight of 80 tons below the workplace; from the weight often used force symmetrical double hook. The laminated hooks are made of a plurality of steel plates which are cut and formed. The individual hooks are cracked and the safety is better, but the weight is large. On the crane. Hooks are often impacted during operation and are made of high quality carbon steel with good toughness.

Hooks are extremely broad, generally include: shackles, rings, rings, pear rings, long rings, combination rings, S hooks, nose hooks, American hooks horn hooks, eye hooks, with insurance card rings Screw, chain shackles, with a unique, innovative, high quality, safe features for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and ship terminals and so on. To ensure safety, quality safety factor, static load up to 3 times. From the weight of 5 tons to 150 tons.