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The difference between single crane hook and double crane hook

Oct 12, 2017

crane single hook is generally the best choice for family transport, compact and easy to install, can meet the basic requirements of household lifting, so the household small crane is popular with consumers.

According to our lifting weight and lifting height, usually divided into single crane hook and double  crane hook.

What is the difference between a single crane  hook and a double crane hook?

Usually called single lifting  hook or single rope lifting;

It's lifting weights using only one piece of string and only one hook.

The single crane hook is used for lifting the lighter cargo and the higher requirements for lifting height.

Double crane hook lifting is double rope lifting, with two wire rope hauling.

The advantages of double rope hoisting are: under the weight of the rated weight, the weight of the double rope hoist is twice the weight of single rope lifting.

Therefore, double rope lifting is usually used for heavy lifting.

However, the lifting height can only reach half the height of single rope lifting.

For example, the single hook lifting height of north China hoisting height is 20M, and the weight is 200KG.

The lifting height of the double hook is only 10M and the weight is 400KG.

In short, the main difference between single crane hook and double crane hook is the difference between weight and lifting height.

The trade-off is that it is more appropriate for you.

It is worth reminding that the lifting height of electric hoist is inversely proportional to the weight.

The same electric hoist, the higher the lifting height, the weight of lifting will be reduced.

What the consumer should understand is that the solution is to replace the other large diameter wire rope or choose a larger model of electric calabash.

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