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The function of crane pulley block

Oct 19, 2017

The function of crane pulley block is to save the force and change the direction of force.

Weight machine pulley block

Overview of the pulley group:

It is a fixed pulley for the lifting hook group to work with the work. It is fixed to the structure and is composed of a number of pulleys and movable pulley. It can be both labor-saving and can change the direction of force.

Classification of pulleys:

The pulley can be divided into working pulley and balancing pulley, which is a common machine that can rotate around the center axis.

Material for pulleys:

Pulley HT15 33 cast iron, commonly used materials for grab crane and special purpose often adopt ZG35 Ⅱ cast steel.

In order to improve the efficiency of the pulley block and improve the conditions of use, roller bearings are used in the bearings of the pulley.

Pulley grooves:

When choosing the pulley groove, the radius of the rope groove is always R= 0.6d, and the contact surface of the wire rope and groove is required to be as large as possible.

Use of pulley block:

The pulley block is widely used in crane, hoist, elevator, etc., which is an important part of lifting machinery.