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The handling method of crane hook rotation

Dec 28, 2018

The handling method of crane hook rotation:

After the hook is rotated, the wire rope on the hook is twisted together. At this time, the lifting hook operation cannot be performed again. Otherwise, one of the wire ropes may be damaged due to excessive force. The following methods may be adopted. :

(1) In the case where the weight is not high and the performance of the crane is allowed, the weight can be lowered by the variable amplitude method, and then the hook is rotated.

(2) If the heavy object has been lifted off the ground, then you can only find a way to get close to the surrounding buildings to rotate the hook.

(3) After the hook is rotated, the torque in the wire rope should be released. The specific method is: put the hook on the ground, untie the fixed end of the wire rope, and multiply the number of turns of the hook by m to match the wire rope. The number n is the base k (according to the actual situation, it can be increased or decreased), in the opposite direction of the wire strand, the end of the wire rope is released to release the torque, and then the fixed end is installed. Raise the boom to the maximum elevation angle and repeat the lifting hook several times to check the effect. The above steps can be repeated until the hook is stable.