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The hook block consists of a pulley block with hooks, so what do you know about the lifting mechanism of the crane block?

Oct 14, 2017

The hook block is one of the most important parts in the crane, its lifting mechanism includes: motor, brake, reducer, reel and pulley group. In the working process, the motor is firstly started, then the drum is driven by the reducer to make the steel rope winding on the reel, and the lifting rope and the rope are used to lift the heavy object.

Crane operation of drive mode can be divided into two categories, automobile crane hook block assembly, a kind of concentrated drive drives the driving wheel drive on both sides of the long axis of rotation with a motor, Wuxi hook assembly, another is divided into separate drive car that is active on both sides of the wheel each with a motor drive. Many small and medium-sized bridge crane uses the brake, reducer and motor are combined into one of the three in one drive mode, and the weight of ordinary bridge crane large convenient installation and adjustment, the driving device adopts Vientiane coupling.