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The introduction of crane hook

Sep 23, 2017

crane hook is a crane part. Often used to lift heavy objects.

Lifting equipment: hook series

Eye Crawler Claw Hooks Eye Grips Hooks Horns

G43 / G70 Eye Glove Globe Striped G0370 G43 GG

G80 eye hook hooks hooks primary colors Italian monocular goods hooks G80 sheep angle hooks Australian horns hooks

80 type G-type hook Australian type claw hook alloy steel classification hook alloy steel container hook hook with tongue piece

Eye hook hook hook hook hook eye hook hook G80 eye type hook

Hoisting hook hook H buckle hook hook hook hook hook type tongueless tongue hook

G80 eye type thin wings G80 eye type hook G80 eye type hook hook special shaped hook hook

Triangle ring hook

High-precision electronic hook scale OCS: Features:

* Power on, turn off the automatic voltage display.

* Good dynamic weighing performance, does not affect the weighing results due to the shaking of heavy objects.

* With wireless remote control, easy to operate.

* Accumulation, automatic accumulation, peeled, long distance peeled, numerical hold, display scale value selection, any weight correction.

* Overload, underload reminder display, low voltage alarm, battery capacity less than 10% when the alarm.

* Automatic shutdown function, put an end to forget the shutdown caused by battery damage.