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The more crane pulley in the crane pulley block, the better

Oct 23, 2017

In theory, the more movable pulley in the combination, the easier it is, but it requires a long rope.

In fact, the more the combination, the greater the friction. And waste material.

Specific situation, specific operation.

A pulley is a small wheel with a groove around it that can rotate around the axis.

A simple machine consisting of a disk with a groove around the central axis and a flexible disc of rope, duct tape, rope, chain, etc., which can rotate around the center axis, is called a pulley.

The pulley block is a simple machine assembled from multiple movable pulley and pulleys, which can be saved or changed.

The efficiency of the pulley block is determined by the number of the number of the rope, and the mechanical efficiency is determined by the gravity of the pulling object, the gravity of the movable pulley and the friction.

And it doesn't save work.