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The principle of lifting equipment

Mar 31, 2017

Lifting equipment work pretty much the same, the following will briefly introduce our daily lift works in the most frequently used:

Lift by running gear, hydraulic system, electrical control mechanism, a lift device supporting institutions. Hydraulic oil by leaves pump formed must of pressure, by filter oil device, and across burst type electromagnetic reversing valve, and throttle valve, and liquid control check valve, and balance valve into liquid cylinder bottom, makes liquid cylinder of piston up movement, upgrade weights, liquid cylinder top back oil by across burst type electromagnetic reversing valve returned to tank, its rated pressure through spill flow valve for adjustment, through pressure table observation pressure table read numerical.

The downward movement of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil explosion proof solenoid valve into the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders bottom oil balance valve, hydraulic control valve, throttle valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve back to the fuel tank. To bring the weight down a smooth, safe and reliable braking, set back on the circuit balancing valves, balancing loop, keep up the pressure, lowering speed is not affected by changing weights, by a throttle valve to regulate the flow, control of lift speed. To enable the safe and reliable braking to prevent accidents, increase pilot controlled check valves, hydraulic locks, keeping in hydraulic pipeline burst in unexpectedly from lock. Overload sound alarms are installed, that distinguish the overload or equipment failure.