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The reason of the falling of lifting hook

Dec 05, 2017


The unsafe condition of the crane is firstly the risk of the design, such as the failure of overload protection, the lack of balance wheel shaft, the failure to prevent the decoupling device, the selection of the rigging rigging, etc.;

Secondly, manufacturing defects and installation defects, such as the improper selection of materials, poor processing quality, and the use of equipment with hidden dangers.

And a lot of problems exist in use, for example, does not change in time of scrapped parts, lack of necessary safety protection, poor maintenance, in spite of that movement out of control, the structure of the parts or damage, not regular safety inspection, etc.

In summary, any defects in design, manufacturing, installation, use, and inspection can have serious consequences for the fall of a hanger.

The nature of crane (design, manufacture, installation) is the basic condition of safety.


The behavior of person's unsafe actor is influenced by many factors such as physiology, psychology and comprehensive quality, which is characterized by unskilled operation skill and lack of necessary safety education and training.

Non-driver operation, no proof of duty;

Violation of rules and regulations, bad operation habits;

Error of judgment operation, unclear command signal, uncoordinated and uncoordinated and human biological rhythm in the "three high zone".

In summary, poor safety awareness and low operating skills are the main causes of accidents.


Hygienic standards for environmental factors exceed safe limits or bad environment, such as the high dust, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, high noise, windy day, engaged in lifting operations and poor lighting environment, will be a distraction, directly affect the operation personnel's ability to respond to, the stability of the technology, the opportunity to make the wrong operation, illegal operation, lead to accidents.

In addition, the bad working environment can reduce the function of crane system itself and even accelerate the failure of the zero part (construct).


The management of safety management includes the level of safety awareness of leaders;

Implementation of the inspection of crane management, inspection and periodic safety performance;

Safety education and training for related personnel;

Special lifting operation personnel training, crane safety operation regulations and the establishment of the system of rewards and punishment in violation of regulations and accident emergency plan, to lift lifting equipment and auxiliary equipment regular inspection of the lack of effective monitoring and management, etc.

Any omission or omission in safety management is one of the important causes of crane casualties.

The cause of the falling off of the hanging objects is the cause and the factor of the accident.

Therefore, to strive for in the equipment selection, safety protection measures and plant construction, the lifting process, the working environment, regular check, etc., according to the relevant lifting machinery safety regulations and standards of the state to carry on the design, equipment purchase, installation, construction, from the two aspects of people, objects, using unit should make a crane operation, maintenance and management of safety rules and regulations and operation procedures.

At the same time, should realize soberly, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state of special equipment safety management, to use assistive devices) (including hoisting crane safety performance for regular inspection, is to ensure that in the safe operation of the hoisting equipment, reduce that eliminate the metallurgical crane hook hanging objects fall injury accident happened one of the necessary guarantee conditions.