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The solution of crane hook

Oct 12, 2018

With the use of crane hook, we often encounter various problems. Do we know about these problems?

When the lifting motion of electric hoist and crane stops or the lifting weight moves in a horizontal direction during lifting, the weight falls slowly down by itself.

The next small make up to introduce the crane hook after the hook slip hook how to solve.

Firstly, the reasons for the slipping hook are analyzed, mainly including 2 points:

(1) insufficient brake torque;

Electromagnet stroke is not well adjusted;

Wrong clearance between tile and brake wheel.

(2) the brake ring of electric hoist cone motor is not adjusted properly.

Solution to the problem of hoisting hook:

1. Check the brake, adjust the working length of the main spring, press the main spring and increase the braking torque.

2. Adjust the electromagnet stroke so that the starting stroke of the iron core does not exceed half of the rated stroke.

For adjustment due to wear of brake blocks.

3. Whether it is a short-stroke brake or a long-stroke brake, when the diameter of the brake wheel is different, the clearance is different from the tile. The diameter of the short-stroke brake wheel is 100-300mm and the allowable clearance of the tile is 0.3-1mm, and the allowable clearance of the 200-600mm and the tile of the long-stroke brake wheel is 0.6-0.7mm.

4. Adjust the brake ring and static break of cone motor to increase the brake torque.