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The use of the hook and its classification in the hoisting equipment

Oct 12, 2018

The hook is often used on the crane, which is one of the lifting tools frequently seen on the crane. The hook is also an indispensable tool in the lifting equipment.

There are two types of hooks: single hook and double hook.

It is formed by annealing treatment after being forged by the whole piece of no.20 quality carbon steel.

The surface of the hook should be smooth, no peeling, indentation, sharp Angle cracks and other defects.

The single hook is usually connected with the sling and is sometimes combined with the hook rack. The double hook is only used on the crane.

How is the hook classified in the crane?

(l) hanger: hanger, clasp, rope clip, sling, beam, hoisting block, chain hoist, etc.

(2) hoisting equipment: jack, grain mill, hand hoist, electric hoist, ground anchor, etc.

(3) measuring equipment: level, theodolite, total station, level, iron level, feeler, magnetic line drop, line drop, etc.