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The use value of crane hook

Dec 14, 2018

The use value of crane hook:

Hooks are important accessories on cranes. If the quality of the hooks is not good or the use is not correct, it is likely to bring certain risks to the lifting. Therefore, how to use the hooks must be taken seriously. In addition, the correct method can ensure the smooth operation of the crane, let's take a look at what the hook needs to pay attention to when using it.

Under normal circumstances, the appropriate hooks will be selected according to the lifting weight. This is to ensure that the cranes are not dangerous because the heavy objects are too heavy during the lifting process. Therefore, the use of the hooks has very strict requirements. .

The hook should pay attention to the following aspects when using it.

1. When using the lifting ring, it must be vertically stressed. It is strictly prohibited to apply lateral force.

2. When using two rings to work at the same time, the angle between the two rings should not exceed 90 degrees.

3. The positioning bolt of the hook, the split pin and the nut above the thrust bearing are tightly fastened and the connection is reliable;

4. The hooks and lifting rings used in lifting and hoisting operations require a smooth surface and must have defects such as cracks, flaking, nicks, sharp corners, seams and cracks;

No matter when, the better the details are handled, the smoother the work will be.