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What are the requirements for the use of crane hooks

Oct 14, 2017

First we try to understand the classification of the crane hooks , crane hooks is hanging tools, often used the lifting process, the hook is divided into single and double hook hook two, single hook often connected together with a sling, sometimes with a hook frame used in combination; only in the double hook crane.

The application of the whole material forged into a key hook, crane hooks assembly procurement, and annealing treatment, crane hooks assembly, the surface should be smooth, without stripping, nicks, sharp corners, cracks and other defects, wells are not allowed to damage the crane hooks welding repair, to avoid brittle fracture accident. When lifting, the sling should be hung to the bottom of the crane hooks; if the hanger is deformed and cracked, it should be scrapped. Hook assembly, automotive crane hook assembly, HUABEI lifting hook (quality merchant) is provided by Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co., Ltd. Chengdu hook assembly, automotive crane hook assembly, North China lifting (quality business) is Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co., Ltd. (www.hbqzdg.com) this year, a new upgrade launched.

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