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What does the door number of crane pulley mean

Oct 13, 2017

The door number of the crane pulley means the number of pulleys within each pulley block.A crane is a multi-action lifting machine with a range of vertical lifting and horizontal lifting.Also called a crane.Tyre crane's main features are: its driving cab and lifting control room 2 for one, is composed of crawler crane, crawler crane) evolution, the walking mechanism of walking tracks and bracket part into the chassis of the tire, overcome the crawler crane, crawler crane crawler threatening the hortcomings of pavement damage, belongs to the material handling machinery.Lifting equipment and some work is characterized by intermittent movement, namely material taking in one work cycle, migration, unloading is alternating action of the corresponding institutions, such as work, crane and the development of more and more widely used in the market.The speed of driving is also faster than the crawler crane (crawler crane) because it is not used for heavy lifting and heavy driving.The work is stable, the weight is large, can be hoisted in a certain range, but must ensure that the road is flat and solid, the tyre pressure is in line with the requirement, the lifting off the ground must not exceed 50CM;It is prohibited to take long walk with load.In order to ensure the safety of the operation, it is basically prohibited to carry out the hoisting operation.A crane pulley is a small wheel with a groove around it that can rotate around the axis.A simple machine consisting of a disk with a groove around the central axis and a flexible disc of rope, duct tape, rope, chain, etc., which can rotate around the center axis, is called a crane pulley.