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what is the C-type crane spreader?

Dec 06, 2018

When we need to carry large objects, if the manpower can't be solved, we need to use lifting tools, which are called spreaders. But because of the different effects are divided into many types, what is the C-type spreader? Where is it used again?

C-type spreader, C-type hook, is a type of hook. It is mainly used for horizontal lifting of the coil. Because its shape resembles the letter C, it is called C-type spreader.

1. Hanging goods: The main part of the C-type spreader is made of steel plate (high-quality low-alloy steel) and steel pipe. The cross-section is box-shaped structure, which has good resistance to bending and torsion. The spreader is light in weight and long in service life.

2. Counterweight iron: It plays the role of adjusting the balance of the spreader so that the center of gravity of the spreader and the object to be lifted is in a line.

Is the C-type hook a uniform standard code, can it be customized?

Because the shape, size, weight and other factors of the installed components are different, there are many types of C-type hooks, which can be customized according to customer requirements. You can send drawings to us for processing.