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Whether lifting mechanical hoisting and rigging safety regulations are valid

Oct 24, 2017

Hoisting equipment of lifting equipment, if sudden break, easily cause major accidents, it is very important to use high quality hoisting tools and frequent inspection, for reference only.

Commonly used phosphate coating wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, wire rope, stainless steel wire or plastic coated wire rope used in atmospheric environment, patent technology production of manganese phosphate coating the longest service life of wire rope, heavy corrosion environment optimizing hot galvanizing - phosphate double coating steel wire rope, phosphating coating to improve the wire wear resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to wear and not the cause of corrosion is to improve the service life of wire rope, smooth wire rope are being completely eliminated.

Manganese phosphate coating steel wire rope, preferred or zinc manganese phosphating, compared with smooth steel wire rope production process, only increased the rope wear resistant phosphating process, before the steel wire wear resistance and corrosion resistance increased significantly, phosphating of cold-drawn steel wire without direct twist wire rope.

The fatigue test data show that the phosphating coating is smooth with structure wire rope fatigue life of wire rope about three times (laboratory) comparable conditions, is difficult to wear and corrosion reason outsized prolong the service life of wire rope, has gone far beyond the imported wire rope.

Although the price of the steel wire rope of manganese phosphating coating is higher than that of the polished steel wire rope, the average daily use cost is only 40-55% of the polished wire rope because of the long service life