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Why should buy crane hook with safety latch

Oct 12, 2017

What is the reason for the wire rope decoupling?

In the process of using wire ropes, the customer's most concern is breaking and decoupling, which is mostly caused by neglect of inspection

Maintenance is easier to prevent, and decoupling has a lot to do with the operational level of the operator.

1. When hoisting heavy objects, the wire rope falls too fast or the emergency starts and the brake causes the lifting of the lifting objects to fall off.

2. The wire rope has its own defects (such as deformation, severe wear, cracks, loose hook components, etc.), causing the weight to fall to the person.

3. In the process of hoisting, the lifting object is unstable, the wire rope is swinging in the air, and the hook head is caused by the function of inertial force in the swing process.

4. Improper binding method.

One is that the string strength of the bundle is not strong enough to be pulled, causing the heavy object to fall and hit the person;

The second is that the weight of the heavy objects with the angular weight of the hoisting belt is not protected, and the binding wire rope is broken, causing the heavy object to fall and hit the person.

We produce crane hook with safety latch to prevent the cord from falling off the hook.Ensure work safety.