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​Working Principle of Coil Lifter

Jul 26, 2018

Work Principle:

The coil lifter is driven by a motor reducer and translated driven by the gearwheel.

Coil Lifter with Folding Claws' Working Point:

1, It need small space to work and lift the coil. The function of folding-claws which is driven by motor-reducer, make the coil-lifter just need less than 200 millimeter space between coils to lifting.
2, There is Electro-optical Sensor Protection System to protect the coil not be broken by coil lifter (especially for cold rolling coil).

3, Electrical system is controlled by PLC and provide generic interface, it is low breakdown, easy installation and realize "Plug & Work" function.
4, There is torque limiter system to prevent the damage by Lock-Rotor, it make the motor durable.
5, There is ratchet system in Open/Close mechanism, the opening of arms is locked if there is no command for open arms, it will prevent the coil lifter open its arms by accident.
6, There is rotation mechanism (optional) that coil lifter can rotate and stop in any angle what is preset.
7, There is automatic hook hanging mechanism (optional) that we can hang the coil lifter to hook by automatically, the work of hanging will be safe and simple.
The coil lifter with folding-claws is the latest type of coil lifter in our company.
Also we can provide customized strokes according to client requirement