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Working principle of steel billet crane spreader

Dec 06, 2018

Introduction of steel billet crane spreader

Steel billet refers to the blank of the steel mill before the finish rolling, and the common ones are slabs and rectangular billets. Steel mill spreaders are required for large-scale handling of billets in steel mills, wharves, ports, etc.! Billet spreaders are mainly composed of lifting beams, connecting rods, opening and closing mechanisms, synchronizers, caliper arms, support plates and jaws. 

The working principle of the billet spreader is as follows:

The billet spreader adopts the principle of lever, which can realize the clamping of the billet without external force assistance, and the clamping is reliable, the movement is flexible, and the lifting is safe and secure. The main part is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel with high strength and high wear resistance, which is flexible in action and long in service life. The structural billet tongs are fixed and adjustable to suit the lifting of billets of different specifications and different layers, and can be designed according to the lifting requirements of customers.