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Maintenance of hoisting equipment

1. During the use of the hoisting device, if the rotating lock turns not flexible or in place, check the adjusting nut and check the following parts:

A. The tension spring of the pawl is damaged. If damaged, it should be replaced.

B. Whether the transmission mechanism has a card delay, such as carlag, which is not good for lubrication, should be added lubricating oil (or grease) at the activity joints of the transmission mechanism.

If the guide pin is too tight, the nut should be properly adjusted.

If the connection is loose, transmission tube or other rod deformation, it should be corrected.

C. If the spring stretch is too small, if too small, the length of the wire rope should be shortened.

2. In use, it should be used to prevent the indication marks on the lifting panel from falling off.

Once found, the paint that needs to be timely filled with the original indication.

3. The wire rope should be washed and coated with lubricating oil or grease, especially the bending of the wire rope.

4. For the main stress components, lifting rings, screw locks, ear plates and rigging shackles, at least every three months should be checked every three months, and no cracks or severe deformation should be allowed.

5. All oil cups, including a ratchet, oil cup and oil cup of slide bearing seat, main activity joints should be filled with lubricating oil according to the usage.

6. Often check whether the rope card is loose, whether the buffer spring is overstretched and the problem is solved in time.

7. Each lifting device shall not exceed the rated weight, and the buffer spring shall not be overstretched.

8. During the hoisting operation, the crane should be smoothly hoisted to avoid the deformation caused by the collision of the hoisting gear and crane or other equipment.

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