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Lift Beams
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Lifting beam (including carrying beam and connecting cable) is a special beam lifting tool for hoisting.

The beam hoisting gear can be hoisted by hoisting, its hoisting and installation process, simple and reasonable structure, flexible operation, easy to use, safe and reliable hoisting.

Beam classification

The lifting beam is divided into two kinds, one is the hook fixation, it is called the fixed hanging beam;

A kind of hook adjustable, called adjustable hanging beam.

Specific specifications are shown below:

Major structure

Main bearing beam

The main load bearing beam is the main bearing assembly part, its safety factor is 4, the upper part has a suspension ring, can connect directly with the skycar hook, the crane connects the beam, carries on the lifting work.

Connect the rigging

It is used to carry the connecting cable of the girder and the medium package, lifting the ear to the left and right sides of the hanging beam.

Use methods and precautions

1. Move the skycar, make the lifting hook of the skycar and the lifting link of the lifting beam, and when it rises to the right height, check whether the lifting beam is horizontal and whether the suspension chain is knotted.

2. Then move the main beam, to the top of the suspended, connect with the sling with the connecting cable, then slowly lift the skycar.

3. Try to balance after crown ascension, main beam balance should be less than 1 °, observe whether the bearing beam is in equilibrium with the naked eye, when fully in balance, lifting can be achieved.

4. Load try hanging load lifting process is to prepare to the end of the process, the overall operation of the whole process of the last part, should slowly lift the load, when just off the ground, stop to ascend, observe the overall stress distribution, and then slowly relax load, such as no abnormalities, can normal lifting.

Transport notes

Before use of the beam, the beam body of the beam has no deformation, crack, weld and other abnormal phenomena.

Try lifting process to meet the running route of load, environmental conditions, determine the lifting and put up the position, to have an impact on lifting is not lifting, lift for the main beam is equipped with rigging (T8 high strength alloy chain), not when using displacement, knot.

During the process of the test, the beam load has abnormal noise, deformation and crack.

When the test hoisting is successful, the hoisting and hoisting can be carried out. During the hoisting process, the personnel must understand the identification mark and let the operator see the communication.

When the load is hoisted, it is not allowed to be overloaded. The beam body must be in a stable condition. The beam body cannot produce the swing, so that the beam body loses balance and causes a safety accident.

There is no standing under the load, no manual support is allowed.

Proper daily maintenance and maintenance

The used beam hanger must be placed on a dedicated shelf and stored in a ventilated, dry and clean workshop, which shall be kept by the special person.

The surface of the beam should be protected from rust, and it is not allowed to be stored in acid, alkali, salt, chemical gas and humid environment.

No storage in high temperature area.

Regularly clean the rotating parts, lubricating oil regularly to prevent dry friction and jam.

Scrapping standard

Cracks are produced in any part of the beam body.

It can not be repaired or replaced by plastic deformation.

The lifting of the ears, the lifting of the ear, and the hole of the circular hole are worn to 10% of the nominal diameter.

The rotating parts fail, and the repair still has the card resistance cannot turn.

The surface of the beam has serious impact on safety.

The beam is badly corroded and the paint film is off and cannot be repaired.

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