10t 16t Crane C Type Hook Coil Lifting

Product Description C hook is a crane spare part that is designed for lifting the coil.As its shape looks like the letter"C", so it is named as C hook.According to the section of the hook, C hook for lifting coil can be divided into structural formula, plate type and box grider...

Product Details

For more information, how to contact with US ?

1. What's  thickness of Steel coil , Coil dimensions: Width,. ID,. OD ?
2. What's the Max. coil weight ?  
3. What's your crane Safe Working Load (SWL) ?
4. What's type of C hook clamp  ? Double hook, or single hook ? 
5. What's the working environment, temperature ? 
B. Please be free to contact with us by the following method. We could talk timely.Thank you so much.   

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