Best Price Crane C Hook

Product Details

Below The Hook Lifting Devices like Huabei's crane C-hooks are engineered to meet the specific coil handling requirements of the customer's below the hook operating environment.
C-Hook Features of the Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co.,Ltd. Include:
Minimum Capacity 3.2 tons and Maximum Capacity 32 tons.
Half-round plate attached to leg,protecting coil and expanding C-hook service life.
Each C-hook is custom engineered to meet the customer's specific requirements for load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom.
C-Hook Options:
■High temperature
■Mill duty lifters
■Storage stands
■Protective pads
■Bail pins
■Motorized rotation
■Remote control features
C-Hook Applications:
■Heavy Duty Material Handling
■Paper Roll Handling
■Slit Coil Handling
■Close stacking c-hook
■Pivoting coil c-hook 


Capacity options:
2 tons
3.2 tons
5 tons
10 tons
16 tons
25 tons
32 tons
Coil Inner diameter range: 400 mm - 700 mm.
Coil Width range: 300 mm - 1660 mm.

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