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Bad Environment And Safety Negligence Is The Main Cause Of The Accident

Sep 23, 2017

Lifting operations, the crane sling is essential accessories, but the actual operation, we encountered or heard of a lot of security incidents, according to huabei's summary, adverse environmental and safety negligence is the sling with accident The main reason.

Poor environmental factors:

Safety environment, such as high dust, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, high noise, windy days, poor lighting and other environments engaged in lifting operations, will distract attention directly affect the operational capacity of the staff , The stability of the technology to play, so that misuse, illegal operations increased opportunities, leading to accidents. In addition, the poor operating environment is one of the insecurity of sling.

Poor management and safety awareness:

The safety management and training of the relevant personnel; the special training of the lifting personnel, the establishment of the safety and safety regulations and the establishment of the system of violation and reward and punishment and the contingency plan for the accident. The lack of effective monitoring and management of lifting equipment and lifting aids is also an important factor in lifting accidents.

It is the responsibility of every staff member to ensure that the lifting operation is the responsibility of each staff member. Therefore, we should consciously do the attention to the environment, strengthen the management and improve the safety awareness. This is the biggest prerequisite for efficient production.