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China 's Promising Prospects For Construction Machinery ---- Hook Group

Oct 09, 2017

  At present, China's construction machinery industry is developing steadily, according to sales revenue and product output statistics, has been the forefront of the world; construction machinery industry is also in a period of rapid development, especially large-scale heavy machinery has entered the development of fast lane. In the national industrial policy on the strong support of the manufacturing sector, China's construction machinery industry is in a good period of development.

  Strong market demand for enterprises is a good opportunity, companies should do everything possible to seize this opportunity to create more sales and profits. But need to pay attention to the following:

  (1) to maintain the stability of product quality

  (2) can maximize production, rather than blindly expand the scale of production

  (3) to do a good job in market demand forecast, ahead of schedule production, which requires enterprises in the market management to achieve fine management

  (4) to improve the equipment for the user rate of return, shorten the investment recovery cycle and so do some articles, market growth depends not only on the sales channels, should be a deeper view of this problem, the entire chain of interest is more important , The user can not play the best equipment in the hands of the benefits, will inevitably affect the secondary purchase. Our business to the consideration of how to really help users improve the efficiency of the equipment. Concerned about the quality of service is more important than concerned about sales, business first is to do, rather than to do big.

  Then the current "high growth" situation can last long will be difficult to judge, but there is a basic judgment is the domestic construction machinery market will maintain long-term growth. Because China's demand for construction is very large, especially in the recent infrastructure, energy construction, mineral resources development, are driving the construction machinery market continues to grow the main factor.