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Continue To Carry Out Training To Strengthen The Quality Of Staff Skills

Sep 26, 2017


September 26, the North China Hook Elite staff monthly routine training as scheduled in the company training center, general manager Han Xinking, the middle of the leadership and the elite staff of nearly 100 people participated in the training.

The training involves production, technology, safety, quality and staff literacy in five areas, the trainers are closely around the company's actual, illustrations of the wonderful explanation, so that the majority of trained staff benefit greatly.

It is reported that since entering in 2015, in order to enable employees to improve the level of business skills, and strengthen the quality of the workforce to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to promote the overall development of the company to the next level, the company attaches great importance to training, monthly training on the 1st Work continues. Through the series of training activities, greatly enriched the staff of the business knowledge, so that the overall quality of staff can be improved; and to help employees understand the corporate culture, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, inspired the enthusiasm of the staff and innovation, the establishment of a learning organization , Is conducive to the long-term development of North China hook.