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Crane Pulley Hook Replacing The Standard Range References

Mar 31, 2017

Crane pulley what's the hook? usually lifting hooks, pulleys and other parts hanging on the rope hoist. Since the lifting hook is a commonly used tool in lifting machine, his safety is very important. There is one pulley the crane hook discard criteria for your reference:

1. crevices;

2. wear up to 10% the risk of cross-sectional dimensions of the original;

3. increased by more than 15% the original size;

4. changing the hook body deformation exceed 10 °;

5. risk part of the lifting hook or pulley hook for crane neck plastic deformation;

6. grab threaded corrosion;

7. hook casing wear damage more than 50% should replace bushings; worn shaft hooked 5% the original size, you should replace the spindle.