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Haikou Greenland Group Construction Site Tower Cranes Fall Off, A Worker Was Hit On The Spot Death!

Aug 31, 2017


At noon yesterday, the reporter arrived at the scene, they found the site gate lock, look from the outside, the inside of the tower crane at least 20 meters away from the ground, has stopped working, have personnel inside the guards.In the face of the reporter's inquiry, the personnel at the site said there were no accidents and no casualties.In an interview with reporters, a staff member who claimed to be a member of the project department tried to persuade reporters to leave, saying only a little had happened.Reporters later learned from the police that they had not received any warning.

Is there really nothing happening inside?So what's the matter with the information provided by Mr. Chen and the ambulance photos?

After the reporter reported the information to the police, the police on the district binhai police came to the scene.

Said after the police arrived at the scene to see at the site, the site of an accident happened, but they get to the site, the scene has been clean up, and said that safety regulators have stepped in, is investigating the incident.Subsequently, the journalist followed the police to the project department of guizhou construction engineering group, the project department, to understand the situation.

According to the construction site workers, around 10 o 'clock in the morning, today there are workers heard a loud noise, and then went to see, found that a worker fell to the ground, life and death is unknown, the tower crane hook and reinforced scattered aside.

Later, the reporter learned from the security department that it was because the steel cord of the tower was broken, which caused the crane to fall off and hit the worker, causing the worker to die on the spot.It is understood that the project is a project of Greenland group, which was built by eight companies of guizhou construction industry group.