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Harm And Cause Of Crane Roof Fault

Sep 12, 2017

We all know that the crane is a heavy machinery, crane failure, then there will be a lot of security risks, especially the cranes of the crust fault, will bring immeasurable harm, today Xiaobian introduced about the bridge driving "Chongding" reasons, hope We can pay special attention to it

1, lifting limiter, bridge crane stopper is the hook in the rise and fall process, is responsible for controlling the operation of the main crane crane hook parts, if we are in the usual work process, the limiter Of the inspection is not careful, then the joints are likely to occur adhesion, and once the stopper connector adhesion, and that limiter is equivalent to failure, resulting in the main hook in the process of rising, continue to rise, making the rope without From the pressure of the collision, direct fracture, hook damage, so that the goods fall, resulting in unnecessary life safety issues. 

2, the work process, we do not rule out the negligent aspects of the staff, because the bridge crane crane operation is pulled by the controller handle to pull, so if the driver in the course of work inadvertently, not to control The handle of the handle pulled to zero, will lead to hooks continue to rise, resulting in personnel accidents. 

3, the installation of the staff in the installation process, forget the descending and rising controller modulation corresponding to the order, so that the drop and rise of the stopper contacts have failed, eventually leading to the phenomenon of crowded. 

4, of course, this may not be very common, that is, the staff in the process of work, mistakenly dropping the operation for the rising operation, resulting in lifting limiter failure, while not promptly enabled emergency driving switch, Crowded. 

5, because the use of long cranes, and the staff in the course of the work did not regularly check and repair, so that the limiter hidden hidden risk, and finally caused the phenomenon of crowded. 

6, the use of a long time, the stopper on the screws loose, so that touch the block less than the limiter, which occurred bump phenomenon. Prevention of cranes crust failure, the need for enterprises to strengthen the training of staff, at the same time to do the daily maintenance of the crane to ensure safe production.