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“HuaQi” Crane Hook Block “XUELONG 2” Research Ship

Nov 11, 2019

Major domestic news media recently reported that China's independent research and development Antarctic research ship "xuelong 2" is on a scientific expedition to Antarctica. Xuelong 2 is the world's first high-tech polar research ship that conforms to the latest international regulations. News came, Henan HuaBei Lifting hook Co,Ltd. staff are very excited, because "xuelong 2" equipment'hook is Henan HuaBei lifting hook co., LTD. Production of "HuaQi" brand hook.



HuaQi crane hook block lifting operation

It is the first time for the HuaBei Lifting hook to be manufactured for xuelong 2.It is both an opportunity and a challenge, because the production of such hooks, the technical standards are demanding, must be able to work in the cold environment.To this end, the company set up a technical research team, strict control of each production process.Carefully selected materials, die forging precision forging molding, high standard quality hardness, CNC machining center precision processing.After more than a month of scientific and technological research, we finally developed a hook suitable for polar climate operation. After factory test, it fully meets the operating requirements of polar environment.



The "xuelong 2 research ship", fully loaded with the wisdom and hope of the Chinese people, went to the Antarctic for scientific research. "HuaQi" brand hook, accompanied by the research ship famous five continents.