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Lifting Hooks-a Brief Introduction

Mar 31, 2017

Crane: crane series

Eye-hook-clevis grab hook-eye slip hook with latch clevis slip hook-eye slip hook

Clevis slip hook with latch-hook G43/G70 eye color espresso bar hooks G70G43-swivel G80 eye hook

Electroplating G80 eye-hook hook color monocular hooks G80 clevis slip hook Australian type clevis slip hooks

80 G hook-o-type clevis grab hook alloy steel sorting hook alloy steel container hook-and-eye type of slide with latch hook

Eye-hook open hook and eye-hook chromed ring eye hook G80 eye slip hooks

Sling hook and h s-hook-plated shank hook and eye the tongue sliding hook

G80 eye-shaped thin-winged hook G80 eye slip hook G80 eye slip hook shaped slip hook special hooks

Delta ring hooks

High-precision electronic crane scales OCS: features:

* Automatic voltage for power on, power off display.

Dynamic weighing of * good performance does not affect the weighing results due to heavy rock.

* Equipped with wireless remote control, easy to operate.

*, Automatic cumulation, Peel, distance peeled and maintained, the displayed value Select, any weight correction.

* Overload, underload reminder display, low voltage alarm, alarm when the battery capacity is less than 10%.

* Auto power off function, prevent battery damage due to forgot to turn off the machine.