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Maintenance Of Crane Crane Hooks

Sep 15, 2017

Crane pulley hooks necessary for the lifting of the equipment, the loss of relatively high equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance, maintenance work, what is the crane crane hook maintenance work.

1, hook the state, often with the handle, normal, then it should be lightweight, flexible;

2, equipment, application inspection to ensure the reliability of the equipment;

3, pulley, should have a shield, when the rotation should not be normal sound is good;

4, bolts and pins should be checked regularly, high stability, do not fall off;

5, the dangerous part of the wear and tear, the equipment should be 6 months time, check not more than 10% of the original size;

6, cracks, should be empty once a magnetic damage;

7, pulley hook, should be promptly checked, not more than 5% of the original size;

8, thread to remove the nut check, check the cracks;

9, bearings and bearings, not serious cracks and wear, should be regularly checked in the short term.