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Pulley Hook For Crane Maintenance

Mar 31, 2017

Crane pulley hook lifting equipment necessary, this relatively high losses of equipment requires periodic maintenance, maintenance work, what is? pulley hook for crane maintenance.

1, hook, often by hand, normal, then it should be lightweight and flexible;

2, equipment, the application checks to ensure the reliability of equipment;

3, pulley, there should be a shield, when rotation should not be abnormal sound is good;

4, bolts and pins should be regularly inspected, high stability, do not fall off;

5, dangerous part of wear and equipment should be 6 months, check the original size does not exceed 10%;

6, cracks, should air a magnetic damage;

7, pulley-hook, check in time, should not exceed 5% of the original size;

8, thread nuts check, check for cracks;

9, bearings and bearing, not serious cracks and wear, and should be checked on a regular basis in the near future.