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Some Precautions In Use Of Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Sep 29, 2017

1, wire rope electric hoist in the process of using it is strictly prohibited to use overtime and should not be affected by the impact, when strapping or lifting must be careful not to make the steel wire rope direct contact and fast mouth acute edges of the object, at their contact pad to wood, canvas, bag or other fast mouth lining in order to prevent the object edge damage steel wire rope and produce equipment and the accident of life.

2. Steel wire rope electric hoist must always check its strength in the process of use. Generally, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection or strength test at least six months.

3, wire rope electric hoist in use process, such as the length is not enough, must adopt shackle connection, strictly prohibited to use wire wear thin wire rope method of extension lifting objects, so as to avoid the resulting shear force.

4. The pulley of the wire rope electric hoist shall not be broken and cut in the edge.

Warning: reasonable use of wire rope electric hoist can effectively increase work efficiency.

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