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Warmly Congratulate The North China Hook Large Tonnage Hooks Passed The Acceptance Of China Classification Society

Sep 28, 2017


Recently, in the China Classification Society (CCS) leadership and Wuhu City Haitai Ship Engineering Services Co., Ltd. Chen Gong site witness, the North China hook made 1600 tons of hooks passed 1.25 times the tensile test, verify the North China hook big Tonnage hook tension load performance, excellent quality.

It is reported that in the 1600 tons of hook tensile load detection process, the company technical staff carefully operation, strict operating process control, respectively, by 0.5 times, 0.75 times, 1 times and 1.25 times the four stages of the step test, and in the process In the opening degree of detection, test results show that the technical indicators fully meet the requirements.

 With the development of social progress, large tonnage lifting heavy weight continued to increase, lifting weight in the 400t-2000t large tonnage hook hook more and more widely used in industrial production, sea salvage, shipbuilding, construction, port and transport process The (Group) has the advantages of smooth surface, beautiful curve design, reasonable structure design, good anti-off performance, strong load capacity, simple operation, safe and reliable operation, and so on. Users favor, the market share was increasing year by year trend.