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What Are The Detection Methods Of The Pulley The Crane Hook?

Mar 31, 2017

Lifting of the lifting hook is widely used in a variety of forms. At present, the use some hooks followed by manufacturing standards, some GB10051.1~5 "lifting crane hook". When examining and testing, various types of lifting gear hook inspection items and content are the same, but in a slightly different requirements.

Uses a crane hook lifting hook safety check: depending on the situation, check at least once every six months, clean and lubricate. Grab general inspection methods: early kerosene hook leptospirosis, then 20 times magnification leptospirosis in check for fatigue cracks, particularly dangerous part of the check hook shrubs carefully, pin holes and other wear check, check for loose fasteners. Some large high or important environmental conditions should be used in the crane hook of Nondestructive inspection method to detect crane hook, external defects.

Under the crane hook of leptospirosis in identification of production units technical documentation and factory certification. Before the put into official use shall be marked in accordance with the load test, confirmed by permission. Inspection method: incremental increase to 1.25 times the rated load when the hook load requirement of not less than 10 minutes. After unloading crane hooks shall not be cracks and other defects, deformation of the opening should not exceed 0.25%.