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What Do We Know About The Safe Use Of The Crane?

Sep 23, 2017

Safe use of mechanical equipment, many units in the operation of machinery before the things to be studied, how can we do a more secure use of crane equipment? Use units to understand more need to pay attention to matters, and then safe operation, can be more secure. Here we take a look at the crane in the operation Note:

(1) must be in the power outage, and hang in the door when the power outage signs, can do the inspection or maintenance work. If you have to live work, you must have security measures to protect, and have a personal care.

(2) not allowed to casually throw things from the car down.

(3) limit switch and interlock protection device, to always check.

(4) It is not allowed to use the limit switch as a parking method.

(5) lifting brake problems, do not allow lifting the weight.

(6) Suspended objects are not allowed to run over people or equipment.

(7) for a part of the crane welding, to set up a special ground, are not allowed to use the fuselage to do the ground.

(8) When the hook is in the lower limit position, the reel must retain more than two turns of safety rope.

Above is some of the crane in the operation of the note, the safe operation of the crane there are many need to understand the knowledge, you want to know more can always contact us.