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What Is The Perfect Combination Of Rigging And Spreader?

Sep 30, 2017

We in Baidu Encyclopedia directly query the meaning of rigging and spreader is not difficult to understand that the spreader belongs to the scope of lifting machinery and rigging is a spreader and hanging objects between the moving parts, that is, we said the factory Sling is a perfect unity by the spreader and rigging, then how should the two be combined together?

First of all, in the model with the spreader and rigging in the combination must be based on their use to ensure that the use of the different combination of the correct mix. Such as when to use chain spreader, when the use of synthetic fiber lifting belt and so on need to choose according to different situations with different options.

Another point is in the hands of the distribution, due to the common rigging they can only bear the tensile stress, but they have an advantage that can change the direction of force, so that when you can choose a targeted combination.